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MY MOVIE LIST!!! (And hopefully yours.) ;)

1.     Captain America: The first avenger-7/22/2011

2.     Cowboys and aliens-76/29/2011

3.     Rise of the planet of the apes-8/5/2011

4.     30 minutes or less-8/12/2011

5.     Apollo 18-9/2/2011

6.     Real steel-10/7/2011 (big old birthday month)

7.     The three muketeers-10/21/2011 (big old birthday month)

8.     Immortals-11/11/2011

9.     Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadow-12/16/2011

10.  Ghost in the shell-2012

11. Underworld: awakening-1/20/2012

12. Ghost rider: spirit of vengeance-2/17/2012

13. Arriety-2/17/2012

14. John carter-3/9/2012

15. The raven-3/9/2012

16. The avengers-5/4/2012

17. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter-6/22/2012

18. The amazing spider-man-7/3/2012

19. The dark knight: rises-7/20/2012

20.  The hobbit: an unexpected journey-14/12/2012

21. The hobbit: there and back again-13/12/2013

22. Akira-2013

(Sorry it looks a little strange. Mainly with capitals. I made it in Word and then copied it over. My bad)


P.S. I got BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale. A video game with chibi manga characters!!! My fav is Jin Kisaragi for strategy (one down, two right), but I think Ragna the Bloodedge (one down, one right) is the coolest looking so far.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

Okay, I know that it was really a long time since I promised this review. I am sorry. I am as sorry as an elephant is to chop off its own ears. (Sorry for the weird analogy, but i’ts all that I could think of.) I also haven’t had much time time to write a review. So, the best I could give you is that it is a really good movie, it is my favorite of the Transformers movies, it has alot of references to the original series (specifically the Cybertron series) so there’s stuff for Transformers nerds such as myself, and I really think everyone should see it. But Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is better. No offense.

P.S. See Harry Potter 8 in 3D because they give you cool Harry Potter glasses!!!

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